Dermarolling seems to be popular at the moment for facial treatment, either to help against lines and wrinkles, or to treat acne scarring. It is also known as micro-needling and involves using a roller with a large number of very small needles sticking out of it, and then rolling that roller all over the face once every few weeks. The theory is that the needles create small punctures all over the face, and that the body starts to make new collagen in order to recover from this trauma. Creams or serums may also be applied immediately after the rolling procedure and are supposed to be absorbed more easily into the skin through the punctures. It temporarily causes facial puffiness, which subsides as the body deals with the trauma and inflammation.

There are dangers to dermarolling which consumers should be aware of. First, as the roller is often re-used, care needs to be taken to sterilize the needles. There have been some reports of bad reactions and infections from this procedure. It is also possible to press too hard, and to end up a bit bloody. Additionally, pores may appear larger for a while during the healing process.

The theory behind dermarolling does make sense, and it’s partially the same theory behind acupuncture facial rejuvenation. However, with acupuncture, there are subtle differences. First, we are not randomly using needles all over the face. In acupuncture facial rejuvenation, the needles are used at specific acupuncture points, and then left in the skin for a while as the person relaxes on a treatment bed. Acupuncture points were discovered through many years of trial and error by ancient physicians, and often bleed less than surrounding areas of the skin. Needle insertion at those points seems to hurt less than in other areas. Also, we believe that the energy of the body, known as Qi, can travel through acupuncture channels. By using specific acupuncture points, the Qi can be encouraged to rise to the face to help the healing effect. And, of course, the needles are single-use disposable needles used by an acupuncturist who is trained in clean treatment techniques.

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