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Acupressure – does it work?

Although we focus on acupuncture at Palm Beach Healing Arts, we also offer acupressure for people who really don't want to try needles, or for those who want to try a different healing modality. Many of us are understandably fearful of needles, as the only time we are usually in contact with needles in a

Acupuncture for headaches

Headache is one of the commonest symptoms that any of us encounter. Who has not experienced a headache at some time or another in their life?  Acupuncture is incredibly effective at dealing with transient, short term headaches. Usually if someone comes to a treatment appointment with a headache, we can totally remove, or at least

The Earth Phase – Coming Home

Earth follows Fire sequentially in the Five Phase sequence. As all that has been nurtured comes to flower, basks in its own glory and ripeness, and is then harvested... to afterwards decompose to become the same substance that has provided the ground for growth, maturity, and reaping, the cycle begins again; and this very substance