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The Energetics of the Metal Phase in Chinese Medicine

The Energetics of the Metal Phase in Chinese Medicine katheirne l borse,, msom, ryt   “Man’s life is a coming together of breath. If it comes together, there is life; if it scatters, there is death.” ~ Zhuangzi “The lung channel begins at CV12, deep within the area of the stomach, and descends to

The Earth Phase – Coming Home

Earth follows Fire sequentially in the Five Phase sequence. As all that has been nurtured comes to flower, basks in its own glory and ripeness, and is then harvested... to afterwards decompose to become the same substance that has provided the ground for growth, maturity, and reaping, the cycle begins again; and this very substance

The Energetics of the Fire Phase in Chinese Medicine

“The heart holds the office of emperor and is the issuer of spirit clarity” - Su Wen - Basic Questions, Chapter 8 -  In Chinese Medicine there are {to my knowledge thus far}, two different ways of perceiving the order of Qi circulation {energy} through the 12 main meridians of the human body.  In Traditional